Lemon Salmon

Last week several of us were talking in the musicology office about our love for Fresh Market.  If you haven’t been to this glorious supermarket, you need to go now.  It is like a small, friendly Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, the prices are the same…  However, their beautiful pastries, classical music, and bins of nuts, candy, and dried fruit make it worth the trip.  So, after our discussion, I had to go. 

I really wanted to make some fresh fish, so I bought fresh salmon.  I baked it in aluminum foil at 400 degrees.  I coated the salmon in olive oil, salt, Old Bay seasoning, and lemon.  I squeezed half of a lemon on top and I cut the other half to cook on top of the salmon.  This is an easy recipe and cooks in about 30 to 40 minutes.   


Canada Continued.

My friend and I went on a tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls.   In Toronto we loved the welcoming people of the city.  We loved that we got to so all of the touristy activities - Casa Loma, CN Tower, and the Royal Ontario Museum - without crowds.  Niagara Falls was empty except for a small string of bundled tourists along the railing overlooking the falls.  Here are a couple of our pictures from the trip! 


Michigan & Canada

I went to visit my childhood friend over my spring break from graduate school.  First, I flew up to Detroit where she lives and then we went on a Canadian road trip.  Imagine me, the new Floridian, driving through the arctic in four layers of sweaters and a coat.  Our trip began with a pizza dinner as soon as I arrived.  I really enjoyed this thin crust pizza, even if it was from a deep-dish restaurant. 

More to come on our trip…


Harry’s Seafood

My family came to visit me in Florida and we took a day trip to St. Augustine.  We went to the fort, walked through the historic area, visited the beach, and ate some great seafood. 

When we went to the fort, it was funny for me to see the Spanish soldiers reenacting a marching drill.  The leader spoke broken Spanish and the soldiers didn’t understand the instructions.  I mean I lived in Colonial Williamsburg, so I know how to spot a professional interpreter…this wasn’t it! 

After walking along the water, we ate lunch at Harry’s Seafood Bar Grille on the water.  It was a New Orleans themed restaurant and they had a gluten-free menu.  DONE.  I ordered the cream and Parmesan cheese scallops with collard greens.  It was such a wonderful lunch with such wonderful company.  

Please note the wonderful iced tea…


Happy (Gluten-Free) Birthday to Me!

I celebrated 4 years gluten-free on my birthday last Monday.  I cannot believe that I have not (knowingly) eaten any gluten for 4 years.  I am a happier individual and I feel very healthy.  I am even running again…after after another stint on crutches.  All is well! 

So, here’s to being gluten-free and in grad school.  I’m celebrating with my favorite picture of pistachio and nutella gelato from Italy.  Cheers!


Pancake Cake

Sometimes I feel like I am missing all of the sweet treats that everyone around me seems to consume.  For example, when you go to a super bowl party, you want to eat the little cupcakes with the decorative footballs on top, right?  I know this all sounds silly, but I sometime just miss the cakey things in life. 

I thought about how I could make a smaller serving and not an entire cake because I am probably the only person who will eat it.  Then I thought about pancake mix.  So, I greased an 8X8 baking dish and made a batch of my favorite Bisquick pancake mix and then added some orange flavored dried cranberries and chocolate chips.  I baked it at 350 for about 15-20 minutes. 

Now, you might think that it is not sweet enough, but I think that it is just right.  You can change the extra ingredients or cover it with chocolate icing, but I like mine plain.  This was an easy way for me to create a smaller serving of a cake (well short cake) and it tastes great!


Pimento Cheese

I definitely neglected the blog during my first semester in grad school, but now I am ready to write again and talk about my food.  So…

I am constantly on the hunt for pimento cheese.  I am Southern girl and sometimes I just need my cheese!  Trader Joe’s does not carry anything even close to pimento cheese, so I stopped by a local grocery store on a recent craving.  They had a small container in the back of the grocery store that claimed to win awards for this recipe. 

It even says that it is “an incredibly yummy and healthy take on the Southern sensation.”  I am not really sure what that means, but I am willing to find out.  When I got back to my apartment, I read that the main ingredient is goat cheese.  I mean I love goat cheese, but WHAT(!?!?) does that have to do with pimento cheese? 

Well when I tasted the toasted version, it was just too strong for me.  Pimento cheese is supposed to be fattening and savory, but not tangy and sharp.  I think that I would love this cheese if they didn’t label it “pimento cheese,” but it tasted too far from the original for me.  

I guess I need to get cookin’


St. Augustine

My friend and I went to St. Augustine on a Monday afternoon during her visit.  It is only about an hour and a half from Gainesville, so we drove there after I finished my classes.  The first post about St. Augustine is just pictures from our trip.  We walked through the town and and appreciated the weather.  However, since the fort is a national park and we visited during the government shutdown, we could not really tour the site.  As you can see, we walked all over the ruins…only to see the sign that we were not supposed to climb on the low walls.  Oops! 

After walking through the town we drove 10 minutes to St. Augustine Beach and took some pictures with the over-abundant foam…?


Cream Peas with Ham

My friend and I wanted to eat something semi-healthy, but mainly something fresh.  I took her to a local Gainesville grocery store and as soon as she saw the cream peas she ran throughout the store looking for all of the ingredients to make peas and ham.  First, we cooked several large slices of ham and onion in olive oil.  Then we added the peas to the pot with some water and a healthy chunk of butter.  We let them cook at a low simmer for about an hour on the stove.  Since we already ate unhealthily earlier that day, we tried to keep the peas simple and flavorful.